Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hebrew calendar cheat sheet

This post is largely for my own benefit, but I figured it might be interesting to others too, in terms of what you need to think about when coding against the Hebrew calendar. Currently I'm trying to work out what it means to add a year to a date in the Hebrew calendar, at which point it's useful to have some reference tables.

Month names

There are two month numbering systems, which Noda Time calls Civil and Scriptural. In leap years, the number/name mapping in the civil numbering system is offset for the second half of the year, due to Adar being split into Adar I and Adar II.

Number Scriptural Civil (non-leap) Civil (leap)
1 Nisan Tishri Tishri
2 Iyar Heshvan Heshvan
3 Sivan Kislev Kislev
4 Tamuz Tevet Tevet
5 Av Shevat Shevat
6 Elul Adar Adar I
7 Tishri Nisan Adar II
8 Heshvan Iyar Nisan
9 Kislev Sivan Iyar
10 Tevet Tamuz Sivan
11 Shevat Av Tamuz
12 Adar / Adar I Elul Av
13 Adar II   Elul

(Heshvan is sometimes lengthened to Marcheshvan; it's also called Cheshvan. Heshvan is the version in CLDR, which is why I've used it here. Other month names have similar variations, e.g. Tishri vs Tishrei. These are only English versions of Hebrew names, of course.)

Sample years

In unit tests it's useful to have some sample data for specific situations. Here's the data for a complete leap cycle of 19 years. (This period maps to years 1639 to 1659 in the Gregorian calendar.)

Year Leap? Days in Cheshvan Days in Kislev
5400 No 29 30
5401 No 29 29
5402 Yes 30 30
5403 No 29 30
5404 Yes 29 29
5405 No 30 30
5406 No 29 30
5407 Yes 30 30
5408 No 29 29
5409 No 30 30
5410 Yes 29 30
5411 No 30 30
5412 No 29 29
5413 Yes 29 30
5414 No 30 30
5415 Yes 30 30
5416 No 29 29
5417 No 29 30
5418 Yes 30 30
5419 No 30 30


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